Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan manga has been sold everywhere worldwide. On December 2019. It has over 100 million copies printed. It becomes a commercial success all time. The attack on titan manga is ending but people will never forget this amazing anime. It does make a huge difference. As you know, the most successful animes are produced in Japan. In addition, this anime follows the rule and proves the strength of this country in terms of animes. HAJIME ISAYAMA was the writer and the illustrator of this manga that is colored. In Attack on titan or (進撃の巨人 in Japanese ) enormous walls does protect people (human being) who live in their cities a good life from huge numbers of gigantic people who understand one language which is eating man humanoids referred to as Titans. While a Titan brings about the destruction of EREN YEAGER’s hometown and the death of his mother. EREN YEAGER does vow in order to exterminate the Titans. Attack on titan series has also been well received by critics the whole 1, 2, 3 seasons that were produced by Wit Studio. In terms of animation, music, the global story and the voice. We all appreciate all the work done for this quality; we all appreciate every minute spent for making it successful. Critics are maybe one of the greatest ways to repair it and prepare a great season 4 by MAPPA. Nevertheless, for season 4, its manga was incredible. It was published on December 2020. Moreover, the volume of selling is pretty good. When it comes to the relationship between the episode and the season. The season englobes many episodes. Like the season 1, cover 25 episodes. By the way, it was broadcast in 2013. Then the second season englobes 12 episodes broadcast in 2017 and the last but not least the season 3 englobes 22 episodes was broadcast from 2018 to 2019. Then the season 4. So attack on titan manga ends but this is a very successful anime..